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Mobithinking Global’s mobile statistics predicts that by 2017  there could be 200 billion app downloads. Although African countries have been slow when it comes to demand for mobile applications, South Africa has managed to develop incredible apps that have changed the mobile app development scene. We now take a look at the top apps in South Africa.

Snapscan is probably one of the most popular apps in South Africa. Buying your morning coffee using your cell phone on your way to work 10 years ago would have sounded like something out of futuristic sci-fi movie. But with Snapscan you can use your cell phone to pay for products at registered merchants. All you have to do is download the free app and then scan your bank card using your camera’s cell phone. Then you will choose your own 4 digit pin then you are ready to pay with your cell phone. No pictures of your bank card will be stored on the phone so the payment is safe secure and easy.

A good deal is every shoppers dream, but comparing prices with other shops can be time consuming. Pricecheck gives users access to more than 30 million products for sale in South Africa through online shops. All shoppers have to do is to search for the products they are looking for and different offers will appear. You can get the best deal for a number of different products from electronics, airline tickets to home-ware.

This app was developed by a group of friends who have been in emergency situations before and did not know what to do. When you cannot get to the doctor immediately this app is what can separate life from death when your child gets involved in a life threatening accident. Kids Aid offers step by step first aid instructions to users at any given time for a number of different emergencies. The app also has emergency numbers and hospitals close by to help you get the right help you need immediately. Think of it as your own personal doctor in your pocket.

E-books have been around for a while but users without smart devices have been excluded from e-book reading community in South Africa until Bookly was developed. Bookly is a free app with over 450 books and it has been instrumental in promoting South African authors. What is great about Bookly is that you do not have to have a smart phone to be able to read books and share your work with other users. All you have to do is download the app and start reading.

Receipts are normally found squashed at the bottom of shopping bags as they do not mean much after the purchase until you have to produce proof of purchase, of course. Losing a receipt can be frustrating but what if there was a way of reducing the paper and still have your receipts with you anytime? MySlips is an app that allows a consumer to do just that. If you want to keep the receipt after purchase all you have to do is snap a picture of the receipt and send it to a secure email address that will be given to you after registration. Once the receipt has been received you can access it anytime. The app also allows consumers to track warranties on their purchased items and stores other important documents besides slips.

Pocketpos is a Chip & PIN certified mobile Point of Sale solution in South Africa and great for small business and direct sales businesses. All they have to do is apply to be merchants and clients and they will benefit from the convenience of paying for services without having to use cash. Once registered you can pay for pizza, a plumber, or a cab using your cell phone or bank card with registered merchants.

FNB Banking 
With this app FNB clients can bank anywhere and anytime using their smart phones. Services range from buying music on iTunes, transferring money to free calls to FNB call centres. Even non FNB clients can benefit by receiving money from FNB clients send money through e-wallet anytime.

Vodafone Protect 
Lastly, we look at an app that every smart phone owner should have. It’s one thing losing a phone but knowing that someone else has access to your personal data is another story. Vodafone subscribers can download Vodafone Protect App and once you are registered you can be in control even after losing your phone. The App will allow you to wipe the data from your phone immediately.

There are endless apps developed in South Africa every year with local competitions helping developers showcase their products although in reality it’s difficult for many to make any money. Some however have achieved international acclaim, such as tech start-up called  ‘Over’  who recently won the ‘World’s Best Start-Up’ award for its iOS photo app, which illustrates South African developers can mix it with the best.

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