Nigeria: Google needs more user generated content

Google NigeriaUpload more please
Short on local content Google Nigeria has asked internet users in Nigeria to upload more local content to the internet, which will in turn be beneficial to business growth.

“We know that for the internet to make a difference to us, it needs to have some local content, something that should be an integral part of our everyday lives. When people are looking for local businesses, they should be able to find that on the internet and the facilitation of relevant local content is important,” said Google Nigeria’s Country manger Juliet Chiazor.

6000 hours of content uploaded in three days
“A session has been dedicated to content upload and our intention is to set a record of 6,000 hours of Nigerian content to be uploaded into YouTube in three days.

There is an increasing trend by Nigerians getting online and the level of creativity we find in the market place is exciting. And some of the progress has become recognised online.”

The major areas for a Google search by Nigerians was sports, popular musicians, and areas of people’s interests – with a growing trend being access to the internet through a mobile device.

Mobile content in Nigeria exceeds South Africa
“For a lot of people now, their first Internet experience is through the mobile phone, rather than on desktop. This means that businesses in that concern have a lot gain. The growing trend, however, shows a big gap between South Africa and Nigeria on the desktop side. But on the mobile side, Nigeria has actually caught up and tending to exceed that of South Africa,” the Google Nigeria Country Manager added.

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