Work in Africa in 2040 – How Young Africans Foresee the Future of Work

Work in Africa in 2040 - How Young Africans Foresee the Future of Work

Each year more than 20 million young Africans arrive for the first time in the job market. Only about 9 million among them find a job: 6.4 million of them are self-employed or family contributing workers while only 2.6 million find regular employment in the formal sector of the economy. There is no doubt that population growth is the driving factor that will keep affecting education,employment and migration incoming years.

Following the Lauder Africa Symposium on the “Future of Work in 21st Century Africa”, LOOKA, a new platform for market research in Africa, produced a first report of its kind on the topic in partnership with Baobab Consulting, an Africa-focused social impact firm. 

The report offers unique perceptions from 600 young independent workers and employees from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa who shared their experiences and ideas, to act upon, on themes like Education, Employment and Migration. Key stats from the report:

  • 40% would tell their kid to learn a job at a young age rather than attend university
  • 71% think life is better in the city in their country right now but 68% would be ready to move to the village in the next year if there was good money to make there
  • 76% of people that hold at least a bachelor’s degree would move out if they could, compared to 58% with a vocational degree.
  • 64% are not worried about automation or AI putting your job at risk by 2040

You can download a copy of the report ​here:

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