Nigerian traffic…there is an app for that

JonnyWaka Nigerian Traffic App

Anyone involved in the mobile and tech scene in Africa has visited Lagos, the new hotbed of the Nigerian tech and home to some of the world’s biggest traffic jams. Three hours for a 20 mile drive from the airport, or an hour or two between VI and Ikoyi sitting in traffic between meetings is all part life on the road in Lagos and other Nigerian cities.Well not any more, thanks to a new mobile app called JonnyWaka.

Simple Aim: Safe and efficient management of Nigerian roads
The creator of JonnyWaka tells AppsAfrica the main aim “was to help improve road users experience and contribute to the safe and efficient management of our roads”. That has got to be a good thing in our view as apart from local radio stations who update listeners in reporting traffic problems and accidents, Nigerian drivers have no means of getting anywhere fast.

Free mobile App
JonnyWaka is is a FREE Android mobile app developed for road users in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja in Nigeria. The app is also expected to be launched in Ghana next week. “The app is deigned to help users avoid incidents like traffic jams, armed robbery and floods” says JonnyWaka. “It is an initiative borne out the need to help improve road users experience, and contribute to the safe and efficient management of our roads.”

How does JonnyWaka mobile app work?

1. Traffic incidents like accidents, flood, and armed
robbery are uploaded by admin and users

2. The Traffic Report screen is then updated automatically
in less than 60 seconds for everyone to see

3. The incident is then marked on the road, route, and map
showing the precise location. For accidents, users can take a shot of the scene and upload immediately

4. People can then avoid those roads/routes with incidents
for alternatives


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