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Kofa and Autopax Partner to Initiate the Assembly and Distribution of a Practical High Technology Electric Motorcycle 

In a landmark move towards sustainable transportation, Kofa, and Autopax have entered into a groundbreaking agreement to initiate the assembly and distribution of a unique model of electric motorcycle carefully designed and practically tested in Kenya and Ghana for the African Market. The signing ceremony, held on 15th February 2024 in Nairobi, sets a new trajectory for eco- friendly transport solutions in Kenya and Africa.

This strategic partnership aligns with President William Ruto’s Government Green Transport Initiative, aimed at significantly reducing carbon emissions and addressing the pressing challenges of climate change. The collaboration underscores Kenya and Ghana’s commitment to pioneering sustainable mobility solutions on the African continent.

The High-tech, bold, and most practical electric motorcycle is currently undergoing very rigorous testing in various parts of Kenya to ensure its adaptability to the demanding conditions of boda-boda, corporate services, and personal use. The motorcycle design emphasizes durability and efficiency, catering to the heavy and frequent usage patterns inherent to the Kenyan and African market.

Kofa: Kofa will set up a unique and sustainable battery swap network across the region, providing a reliable and efficient solution for energy storage and management

Autopax Limited: Autopax will take on the assembly of the bikes and produce local parts in compliance with Kenyan localization regulations. The company will also establish a distribution network for the bikes and parts across Kenya and the broader East and Central Africa region, ensuring accessibility and support for customers.

The unveiling of these well-thought-out electric motorcycles will be conducted by Autopax, creating valuable jobs and fostering skill development within the local community. Besides, in line with the Motorcycle regulations, some of the motorcycle parts will be made locally. This initiative will not only introduce eco-friendly transportation but also stimulate economic growth by employing Kenyan talent across various roles. The motorcycles are set to launch in quarter four of this year.

Joy Kalua, CEO of Autopax: “This partnership not only represents a significant leap towards cleaner transport but also demonstrates our commitment to innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of Kenyan businesses and entrepreneurs.”

 Erik Nygard, CEO of Kofa: “The Kore2 Swap & Go network is poised to revolutionize the way electric vehicles operate in Kenya. By ensuring that our electric motorcycles are always powered and ready, we are paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.”

This agreement marks a pivotal moment in Kenya’s journey towards sustainable development and green transportation. The partners are committed to delivering a robust solution that not only addresses environmental concerns but also offers practical, cost-effective, and reliable transportation options for Kenya’s dynamic market.
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