GoMetro LIVE assists with bus fleet management

The GoTuks fleet management App

The GoTuks fleet management App

GoMetro, a mobile startup based in Cape Town build the GoTUKS app around their GoMetro Live fleet management platform. They are an A-to-B technology company who map transport around the world, leveraging mobile technology and big data to improve the way we move. They are working with Pretoria University to enhance their fleet management. Justin Coetzee is the founder and CEO of GoMetro.

Q. How big is the GoMetro implementation at Pretoria University?
The system is running on 48 busses. We have trained 55 drivers in the use of the Driver Tablet. We are recording on average about 15,000 daily boarding activities from a student usage base of 7,500.

Q. What information do passengers using the GoTuks fleet app get?
Students are able to access bus timetables and operating routes for the 7 shuttles that run between campuses. Real-time bus locations are shared with students with the app, so that they can see all the system busses moving on the network, streaming from each Driver tablet.

Q. How does this improve student’s  experience of the bus service?
Students can now see the actual bus movements around them in real-time, in order to plan their stepping out of residence in time for a bus departure,  or when on campus going to the bus stop versus running an errand. This type of visibility allows for better trip-making decision-making. There are additional services in the application, such as a direct connection to the emergency security services of the University Services. Students can also submit any infrastructure or facilities issues that they spot – including a picture of the issue.

Q. What kind of phone do students need to use the GoTUKS app?
The app is currently available on Android only – but will be available as a USSD service, a progressive web app, iOS app and a Smart TV app soon.

Q. Is the bus service free for students to use?
Yes. The Bus Service connects the residences with the campuses, as well as the campuses with each other. It is an important service to integrate the University facilities, as well as providing an effective park-and-ride service off-campus.

Q. Do you provide payment facilities through the app, and if so, how do they work?
The bus is free to use for all students – but we are using the Driver tablet to capture ridership figures for each route. We do have a mobile ticket that can be deployed in an urban transport system, that makes use of a mobile wallet and NFC syncing.

GoTuks fleet management components

GoTuks fleet management components

Q. What equipment do you have to install on vehicles to provide live tracking capabilities?
Just an Android tablet with the GoMetro Driver app on it. And soon Drivers will be able to get other adhoc transport jobs through the tablet.

Q. What metrics do you provide to the University fleet management?
We provide a full range of metrics which help fleet manager make more informed decisions. These include statistics like the number of students boarding at every stop, daily ridership, the peak numbers of riders and the kilometers of running operations.

Q. How do you charge for the use of the GoMetro LIVE service?
The Transport Operator is charged per vehicle on the network. We also take a percentage of every trip generated on the platform through our trip ordering engine.

Q. Are there other fleets using GoMetro LIVE? Which ones?
We have a few high-profile pilot projects that we are in the course of finalizing, and we will be announcing our next few partners in due course. However, we are seeing a clear response from transport operators and authorities that there is a need for a flexible mobility platform that allows for seamless ordering, despatching and reporting of transport services.

Q. Do you only operate in South Africa?
No. GoMetro has an office in Indonesia, and partners in Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. We are currently working on a major project in each of these territories, and will be making the appropriate announcements as we progress.

Q. Do you have any future app development plans you can share with us?
We are crossing into the Post-App space – where we are deploying our platform into new spaces – such as smartwatches, AR, TV and Social Media. We have always thought about Traffic, Public Transport and Ride-Share as discrete segments and product streams – however, as we produce a Flexible Mobility Platform for the next era in Automotive Technology.

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