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Golix Uganda and RightMesh Launch Tokens To Help Improve Connectivity

Improve Connectivity

Golix cryptocurrency exchange and RightMesh AG have announced RMESH tokens will now be listed on Golix exchange in Uganda.

RightMesh is an “Infrastructure-less” connectivity company developing a decentralized mobile mesh network in their mission of bringing online connectivity to the people of that continent by using cryptocurrency as an incentive for users to share mobile data within a self-forming, self-healing mesh network.

Earlier this year, RightMesh completed a $30M USD token generating event in advance of their future platform launch. RightMesh CEO & Co-Founder shared with that in order to start bridging the digital divide “we need people living in areas with poor infrastructure to have access to RMESH tokens so they can start connecting with each other using their smartphones. Golix makes it easier for the people of Uganda to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and we look forward to working with them to have a real and lasting impact for those living in this region.”

With the agreement, RMESH tokens will be available starting today for all Golix users living in Uganda. Golix, based in Zimbabwe, aims to provide everyone in Africa financial autonomy and security by allowing them easy access to trade cryptocurrency. Following the cryptocurrency ban in their home nation of Zimbabwe, the exchange is now currently operating in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Rwanda, Cameroon and South Africa. The listing with RightMesh aligns with their goals of improving financial access for Africans, many of whom have trouble connecting to the internet, and future plans include listing RMESH on their exchanges in countries across Africa.

“Internet connectivity in Africa has an interesting juxtaposition. The many that cannot afford internet connectivity mostly jump through hoops to get connections that are slow and have restrictions as to what content can be accessed” said Golix CEO Tawanda Kembo. “In Africa, it’s very expensive to be poor. On the hand, the privileged few who can afford good subscriptions mostly underutilize their internet subscriptions and pay for more than they actually use. By reducing the cost for the former to get connected, and providing a benefit for the latter for sharing their connection, RightMesh solves this problem for both demographics. We have needed a solution like this in Africa for years!”

“As we bring financial autonomy to more people across Africa, improved internet connectivity is crucial in accomplishing this goal. It is important for us to work alongside companies like RightMesh by listing their token on our exchange and assisting them in deploying their app in countries where improved connectivity is badly needed,” added Kembo.

Uganda has recently implemented an oppressive social media tax where access to certain messaging applications is taxed when used. The high costs of these taxes have effectively limited access to these important applications for many Ugandans. However, direct peer-to-peer communication methods such as mobile mesh networking with RightMesh could avoid those high fees because data does not travel through a central ISP.

RMESH tokens are attached to the RightMesh platform and will be used for purchasing mobile data from others once the protocol goes live. The RightMesh Soft Mainnet Launch is planned for Q1 2019 in conjunction with the launch of its first commercially available app.

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