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Worldreader, a global nonprofit dedicated to improving literacy in the developing world through digital books, has announced a new partnership with Opera Software that has provided 5 million readers in Africa access to 25,000 free digital book titleHundreds of mobile services from across Africa competed for a place in the final for the Best Mobile Innovation at the Innovation Awards 2015 in Cape Town on November 16th. 

The awards kindly supported by Mobile Monday South Africa, Uber and  AppsWorld celebrate the enormous growth in mobile, technology and entrepreneurship in Africa. We now look at the judges final line up.

mPaper – (Tanzania)
mPaper is a mobile application which allows users to preview for free and download books, study material, newspaper and magazines for half the price. mPaper aims to incorporate all study materials and books from the Tanzanias student curriculum, local newspapers and magazines dating back to the 1960’s.

Chura – (Kenya)
Chura is a start-up that aims to ease interoperability across the different mobile networks in Kenya and Africa.Kenya is a multi-SIM environment and each mobile network operator has its own unique strengths. This environment has led to mobile service users averaging more than one SIM card from the different service providers  and Chura is allowing the users to leap from one network to another with ease (hence the name “Chura”, Swahili word for a frog).

bookly is a free mobile reading and writing platform built to improve literacy in Africa. South Africa has a massive illiteracy problem. bookly provides access to quality reading material via a free virtual library of hundreds of books. It also provides a platform for unknown authors to publish their work, giving them valuable feedback, exposure, and confidence. Critically – this is all accomplished from something they already have in their pockets: a basic feature phone.

Ninayo – (Tanzania)
Ninayo is an online trading platform for African agriculture, connecting farmers to markets, democratising business information for everyone. Farmers use their internet phones, computers or even SMS, to post their harvests by: type, location, quantity and price. This is all stored on the websites searchable database, allowing markets and purchasers to contact farmers directly and better plan their supply chain routes. Less food rots and food goes to people in need at a more fair price as a result of mobile technology coordinating the supply and demand of the African agriculture sector.

M-vendr – (UK)
M-vendr is a mPOS app that enables retailers and informal traders to sell airtime, electricity and accept bill payments. Traditionally to provide the services available through M-vendr, retailers and informal traders had to invest in expensive hardware POS. M-vendr is free and can work on a users existing mobile device saving them the capital cost. Africa is plagued by intermittent power cuts, this means the traditional hardware POS devices may not be as reliable as they require a constant, dedicated power source. With M-vendr, if the users phone is charged, they can trade.

ShoOwer – Cameroon
ShoOwer is a mobile geolocation directory with or without GPS, with or without internet connection. ShoOwer provides every African citizen direct and fast access to information wherever he is with or without internet connection. They have developed a workaround GPS, through a mathematical calculation cellular triangulation that involves the strength of the magnetic wave and base stations of the operator of the SIM card.

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