5 enterprise solutions in Africa driving business

Enterprise Solutions Changing African Businesses

The AppsAfrica Innovation Awards celebrate innovative ventures and services streamlining, improving and helping business across Africa. We take a look at the best enterprise solutions in Africa shortlist.

Clickatell for WhatsApp Chat Banking

Clickatell creates brand presences for businesses and a way to communicate with customers on digital products and services that their customers use. The app uses the deployment of. Control and Touch which enables seamless integration into the WhatsApp platform, allowing banks and other organisations to provide full suite banking services, across the WhatsApp channel. Control allows enterprise clients to manage their menu’s and control their workflows in mere minutes, in-house, without the need for developers or technical resources. With a short training session and ongoing support, any authorized member of staff can effect changes almost instantly allowing for agility in an ever-changing market. Touch provides machine learning capabilities and delivers a personalized customer service solution providing everyone with their own personal banker, who responds instantaneously.

Digemy for Digemy Knowledge Partner 

Digemy provides organizations with in-depth insights into the knowledge levels of their learners. The app allows teachers, facilitators, managers and organisations to measure engagement and incentivise training.  The platform plans to ensure the course information remains in the users long term memory by spending time on what the user does not know and repeating what they already know less often. By using the app, organisations can track the development from base knowledge to current knowledge for segments or departments within an organisation coupled with a dashboard constantly tracking how the users compare against each other for each course. Digify believes they have mobilised learning, making it convenient and accessible anytime, from anywhere.


Kasi Eats 

Kasi Eats focuses on offering dedicated transport, logistics and warehousing solutions in Emerging Markets with customised personal service and guaranteed quality. The venture assists farmers in emerging markets reach the correct markets by linking dense metropolitans and urban areas with supply from rural areas. The demand comes from food and beverage players such as Resturants and butchers, they then match this demand with their growing network of farmers and wholesalers.

Kirusa for Kirusa Konnect 

Kirusa Konnect is a cloud-based Communications Platform as a Service, designed to bolster audience engagement over mobile channels. The Konnect suite is composed of a set of unique inbound and outbound communication tools, designed to leverage the ideologies of classical push and pull marketing. The Konnect portal is a SaaS platform to launch inbound and outbound communication campaigns with ease. Using the Konnect portal, enterprises can visualize and manage their communication campaigns over an intuitively smart portal.


Kobo aspires to solve logistics challenges for Enterprises across Africa. With Kobo’s platform, companies now have easy access to a large pool of trucks with real-time tracking at affordable and flexible rates via Kobo customer app and dashboard. Drivers conveniently find loads they want, are paid instantly and get reverse goods via Kobo driver app. The extensive data gathered through the Kobo platform provides integral insights into driving efficiency to supply chain operations of medium and large enterprises.

The AppsAfrica Awards supported by Uber, JET8¸Syntonic, KaiOS and Mobile Monday South Africa (MOMO) provide winners with industry recognition, global publicity, and networking with 300+ industry peers at the Awards party in Cape Town on November 12th on the eve of AfricaCom. Category winners are also invited to Africa Tech Summit Kigali 2019 to join 400+ tech leaders from across the continent.

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